About Us

In The Year 2099 is Loading Screen Studios first project currently development, we are a small team currently located in McAllen, TX.

About Our Demo

In The Year 2099 is a top down shoot'em up, the current demo is just one stage, with enemies approaching from the top of the screen, the goal of this demo is to attract some public feedback of what they think of the game so far.

Try It Out!
  • **Currently we are having issues with mobile devices not being able to hear the background music, we are not sure if this issue is specific to certain devices but we will try and fix it the issue soon!**
  • **If you are on a Desktop or Laptop your mouse will disappear on the second screen where the stage begins this is not a bug the game was developed to be played on a mobile device**
How To Play:
  • Mobile Movement/Touchscreen - Hold box to move ship around the room
  • Desktop/Laptop/Mouse - Hold box to move ship around the room *Mouse will be invisible if you let go*
  • Green Orbs - Health Power-up
  • Red Orbs - Weapon Power-up
  • Boss appears at 250 Points
  • *Hint* Go for turrets first!
Please Help Support Local Businesses!
Donations are always welcome! $20+ Will get your name in the credits as a supporter of our business!

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